OFFICE HOURS: Cat Chen, Dulan Wine

Name: Cat Chen

City of Residence: Los Angeles 

How do you spend your days? Running my wine company, Dulan Wine. I officially launched the brand last summer and it’s been a labor of love learning the ropes and getting it off the ground over the last several months!

What does a typical work day look like for you? There’s not a typical work day here! For now, it’s a one-woman operation, so I’m doing it all. My focus at the moment is sales — getting Dulan into aligned retailers and restaurants in Southern California. Depending on the day, I could be doing anything from being up in Paso Robles to check in on the vineyard, at home on my computer working on accounting, or driving around town making deliveries to my retail and restaurant partners. I love that every day is different.

Where is your office? At home, on any surface and room that feels right that moment. I also spend time in Paso Robles on the vineyard — my preferred office space :) 

How do you keep track of your to-do list? My list is in my ‘Notes’ app on my phone/computer. I’ve recently become obsessed with Siri and am constantly adding to my to-do list whenever my hands are tied. 

Analog or Digital? I’m a true mix of both. I usually start with analog to get all my thoughts down first, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Something about writing it with a pen on paper feels grounding. Then I log it all digitally when I’m on the go and refer to it all day long.  Daily work uniform? It depends on the day, but I’ll always get dressed to feel my best. I truly believe how we feel impacts our day. On days with manual work like lots of lifting, I’ll put on active gear, but other than that I’ll always put on something that makes me feel good. Favorite part of your job? It’s so hard to say, but I’m really enjoying sharing my wines for the first time to so many people. From sales meetings to dinner parties, I love watching people take the first sip and watching them enjoy it through the night. 

Name one thing that is always on your desk: A photo of something that inspires me, brings me joy, or something that makes me want to work harder and keep going! It’s currently a photo from a trip to the Aeolian Islands.What’s something you do outside of work just for yourself? My favorite way to unwind is cooking. It’s meditative to me and nothing brings me more joy than feeding whoever is in our house — even if it’s just me :)

 Who are you sending your next card / [love] note to? Most likely my boyfriend who I leave little notes for all the time. What can I say, I am a romantic and I love expressing my thoughts feelings through writing <3 

Thank you so much, Cat! Follow along with her here: @catchenny & @dulanwine

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