OFFICE HOURS: Alex Yeske, Alex Yeske Interiors

Name: Alex Yeske

City of Residence: Los Angeles

How do you spend your days? Designing beautiful spaces and building my interior design business—I'm the founder + principal of Alex Yeske Interiors, which I founded in 2022.What does a typical work day look like for you? Everyday is totally different! Most days I am in my office doing admin / accounting or prepping for presentations. Other days I am running around town sourcing pieces for clients or checking progress at projects.

Where is your office located? In my home in west LA.How do you keep track of your to-do list? A mix of Asana for big picture things and a hand-written list for day to day tasks.

Daily work uniform, head to toe? I'm typically always in jeans (even when WFH!), paired with a t-shirt, button-down or thin sweater. And I like to wear shoes while working from home—it somehow makes me more productive!

 Must-have item in your work bag? My phone and a tape measure!Most productive time of day for you? After lunch between 1-4pm.

Favorite part of having your own business? Most challenging part? My favorite part is getting to put out my creative vision and have people respond positively to it. I also love the flexibility of owning my own business. The most challenging part is all of the ups and downs, and having to work through things mostly on your own. Favorite mid-afternoon pick me up during a day in the office? Coffee and a chocolate croissant.

Name one thing that is always on your desk: Water and a ton of Muji pens.Top tip(s) for entrepreneurs: Keep your head down and try to stay focused on you / your business. It's so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. Success (rarely) happens overnight—in actuality it's taken years of behind the scenes hard work. The first couple years are full of mistakes and learnings that come at you fast and you have to lean into the lessons—it gets easier with time. Just keep going!

What’s something you do outside of work just for yourself? I love to garden and needlepoint! Anything off of a screen.Who are you sending your next card / [love] note to? My dad for Father's Day! He lives on the east coast so we likely won't see each other and I want to make sure he knows we're thinking of him.

Thanks so much, Alex! Keep up with her beautiful work on Instagram HERE or inquire of her services HERE.

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