OFFICE HOURS: Marly Kos, Summer Fridays

Name: Marly Kos

City of Residence: Los Angeles, CA

How do you spend your days? I am the Director of Brand Marketing at Summer Fridays! I’ve been there almost 5 years and I spend my days leading our 360 marketing campaigns, building brand partnerships, planning events, strategizing social content, testing new products and so much more!What does a typical work day look like for you?: Every day is truly so different. I wear many hats – I spend most of my day in meetings with cross-functional teams, planning events and creative campaigns, having 1:1’s with my team all while trying to carve time out for my inbox.

Where is your office located?: Luckily, I get a few! We have a hybrid work environments where our team office is a collaborative space that allows of team to brainstorm together. Other days are spent from set shooting our campaigns but my favorite office space is my home. It’s quiet with big beautiful windows!How do you keep track of your to-do list?: I am a pen to paper girl. If I need to remember it, I have to write it down. I have a few different notes in my phone for my brain dump thoughts when I am on the go but it always finds it’s way to paper. I even need to write down a grocery list or I will not be able to remember!

Daily work uniform, head to toe?: When I go to the office, I love wearing my Reformation Remy Boots, favorite Still Here Everyday Jeans, Cos White Tee and The Frankie Shop Oversized Blazer. It’s my effortless go-to. If I work from home, you’ll find in my workout clothes. I heard a productivity tip on TikTok to keep your shoes on when you work to stay focused so I keep my APL Ziplines on. I just have one rule: no sweatpants.Favorite Summer Fridays event you've planned?: It’s hard to pick just one! I absolutely love events – seeing a mood board and big dreams become a reality is so rewarding. Most recently, I am really proud of how my team put together our Summer Fridays Gallery at the Kohn Gallery here in Los Angeles. A close second was The Dream Suite at the Penthouse of Chateau Marmont overlooking our Billboard on Sunset Blvd. while watching the sunset. Pinch me!!Must-have item in your work bag?: Headphones! I cannot work without them. Even if no music is playing, I like the comfort to help me focus.

Favorite mid-afternoon pick me up during a day in the office: Around 4 PM I usually crave an afternoon walk. I feel so recharged after I take a break from my inbox, get some fresh air and clear my head. If I need a snack, I am a sucker for the Jet Lag Inspired Coconut Cloud Smoothie from Erewhon.Name one thing that is always on your desk: Water and Lip Butter Balm – shocker! I have an endless supply of Vanilla on me at all times. 

What’s something you do outside of work just for yourself?: Disconnecting from my phone and spending time with my girlfriends! Nurturing my relationships with my friends is the most important thing to me – I try to make time to spend with them 1:1 to stay connected during our busy schedules. My favorite thing to do is catch up with girlfriends over a good meal.Who are you sending your next card / [love] note to?: My mom! I’m sending her a belated Mother’s Day Card. As she gets older it’s important to me to continue sending her hand written cards to let her know how much I love her. 

Thanks so much, Marly! Follow her HERE & Summer Fridays HERE.

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