OFFICE HOURS: Alicia Joines, Citizens of Humanity Group

I met Alicia several years ago through work events when we were both becoming new mamas around the same time. She works for the Citizens of Humanity / Agolde group -- my very favorite collection of denim brands. I still wear pairs I've had for 6 (!) years, they're truly the best. I've loved getting to know her over the years, she's humble & a genuine sweetheart, not to mention incredible at what she does -- it's been so fun watching the brands grow into what they are today. 

Name: Alicia Joines

City of Residence: Marin County 

How do you spend your days? I’m the Senior Director of Communications & Brand Marketing at Citizens of Humanity and AGOLDE and a mom to my boys, Walker (4) and Bodie (1). 

What does a typical work day look like for you? I work across PR, partnerships and branding, which makes each day pretty different and dynamic! Sometimes it’s bringing a new launch to life, coming up with creative ways to work with our retail partners, or orchestrating events and press outreach. The work is collaborative across teams and departments which I love. 

Where is your office? I work from home, and sometimes travel to our headquarters in LA and a few times a year, our NY showroom. I started with the company in LA 13 years ago and 10 years ago, moved to San Francisco. I’ve been working remote since then, so it’s something I’ve gotten used to (and treasured) even before the pandemic. How do you keep track of your to-do list? I prefer pen to paper and write things down in the moment. I set deadlines and reminders on outlook to help stay organized. 

Analog or Digital? Digital! My grandma’s watch is the exception. 

Daily work uniform? I love my Citizens’ Kayla button down shirt with the Marcelle cargos which are lightweight and roomy. My favorite pair of jeans right now is the Ayla - it’s just the right amount of baggy! Favorite part of your job? The integrity of our entire process, from start to finish. In 2022, we started working directly with farmers to produce regeneratively grown cotton. I love that we stand for more beyond creating a product and are working towards a regenerative future. 

Favorite object/accessory in your office? I was recommended Jay Shetty’s podcast about productivity where he introduces the concept of using sand timers for stretches of focused work mixed with short breaks. I’ve been trying to adopt this more. The ones I found are ombre and fun. They also work with the little ones! 

Biggest challenge juggling motherhood & work? Learning to be fully present in the moment. Not rushing through an activity or task just to get to the next, but enjoying the daily hustle (and embracing the chaos!) that comes from raising children and working. I’m reminding myself to slow down enough to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the everyday. Name one thing that is always on your desk: Tea - hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon. What’s something you do outside of work just for yourself? Being in nature, hiking, pilates…anything not on my phone! 

Who are you sending your next card / [love] note to? My parent’s 50th anniversary this April. I love you Mom and Dad!


Thanks so much, Alicia! Follow Alicia here,Citizens of Humanity here, and Agolde here.

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