OFFICE HOURS: Jennie Yoon, Kinn Studio

Name: Jennie Yoon

City of Residence: Hermosa Beach, CA 

How do you spend your days? I’m the Founder of Kinn Studio.What does a typical work day look like for you? Each day is allocated toward items I want to accomplish, i.e. Tuesdays are for anything related to branding, Wednesdays are for operations and performance.  

Where is your office located? Downtown Los Angeles How do you keep track of your to-do list? I love my calendar and digital checklists. Is it bad that sometimes I do text to myself so I don’t forget? Daily work uniform? Don’t have one. I change up a bit depending on what kind of day I have ahead. But my fave go to is straight light wash denim with a clean tshirt, accessorized by my #nevertakeoff jewelry stacks. Must have item in your work bag? Emi Jay hair clip, Rhode peptide lip treatment, French Girl cuticle oil, Salt&Stone hand cream, pencil and a small notepad.

Favorite part of your job? I get to build what I love and we get to be a part of other people’s journeys and milestones.Favorite mid-afternoon pick me up during a day in the office? Love a good boba: Boba Guys Jasmine Milk tea w/ boba or a classic Matcha latte with almond milk with a little honey.

Favorite object/accessory in your office? Custom ceramics mug made by @cosa.collective.Biggest challenge juggling motherhood & work? Lack of time to do both well. Though I’ve gotten really good about my boundaries, I wish I had the energy and time to do more.  

Name one thing that is always on your desk: Jewelry samples between waxes, or the actual gold sample.What’s something you do outside of work just for yourself? Heated yoga, and Long Beach Flea Market at 6am. Who are you sending your next card / [love] note to? My daughters, Kaia & Mady.

Thanks so much, Jennie! Follow her here & Kinn Studio here.

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